Platter -  A
87pc Maki Sushi
12pc Tuna roll
18pc Cucumber roll
24pc California roll
12pc Yellowtail roll
12pc Japanese pickles roll
9pc Futomaki roll
$51.75 Platter -  B
40pc Maki & Nigiri Sushi
12pc California roll
6pc Tuna roll
6pc Cucumber roll
9pc Futomaki roll
3pc Tuna
3pc Shrimp
3pc Hamachi
Platter -  C
50pc Nigiri & Maki Sushi
4pc Tuna
4pc Squid
4pc Shrimp
4pc Broiled eel
4pc White fish
6pc Tuna roll
6pc Cucumber roll
6pc Avacado roll
12pc Cucumber roll
$49.75 Platter -  D
40pc Nigiri Sushi
4pc Tuna
4pc Yellow tail
4pc White fish
4pc Shrimp
4pc Broiled eel
4pc Smoked salmon
4pc Octopus
4pc Egg
4pc Flying fish egg
4pc Salmon egg
Platter -  E
Real Crab Salad
Crab Stick
54pc California Roll
27pc California roll
27pc California roll    with flying fish egg

Platter -  F
42 pc Nigiri Sushi
12pc Tuna
12pc Yellowtail
6pc Broiled Eel
6pc Salmon
6pc White Tuna
Platter - G
81pc Vegetarian
9pc Vegetarian futomaki roll
18pc Cucumber roll
12pc Avocado roll
12pc Japanese pickles roll
12pc Carrot roll
6pc Black mushroom roll
6pc Cooked gourd roll
6pc Inari
$43.75 Platter -  H
54 Piece Sashimi
18 pc Tuna
18 pc Yellowtail
18 pc Salmon
Platter - I
56pc "Masa's Special Rolls"
2 Rock n' Roll
2 Tempura Rolls
2 Samurai Rolls
2 Spider Rolls
2 California Rolls with Tobiko
1 California Roll without Tobiko
$58.75 Platter -  J
Over rice

10 orders of Beef & Chicken Teriyaki
5 orders Beef teriyaki
5 orders Chicken teriyaki

Platter - K
10 orders of Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura
$52.50 Platter -  L
7 orders of Boiled Soy Beans
Salad Platter
Tossed Garden Salad
(Serves 8-12 people)
$29.50 Salad Platter
Prawn Crab Salad
(Serves 8-12 people)

Rice Platter
Steamed white rice
(Serves 8-12 people)